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Why the Jabberwock?

Growing up my Mum owned an independent card and gift shop; Jabberwocky. 

Jabberwocky's name came about from Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem that features in Alice Through the Looking-Glass. Mum made the decision to shut Jabberwocky's doors in 2008 and when it came to naming my little creative business it felt like the natural choice to bring the Jabberwock along! 


I've always been drawn to the arts and wound up studying Fashion at uni. I quickly realised it wasn't for me but during this time I found myself always enjoying the drawing side of things, especially in photoshop and illustrator. After uni I developed Jessie & the Jabberwock and first opened my shop on Etsy.  


My designs often incorporate my own drawings and mixed media. I'm happy designing to any brief but I'm probably most passionate and at home designing for children. I'd rather fly away with the Jabberwock, breathe fire with the dragons or make magic with the fairies! 

In a culture where everything is mass produced, it's always been important to me to create original designs that can be personalised to make special, meaningful invites, decorations and more. 

I often get asked to alter colours of a design to make it more girly or boyish and whilst I'm always happy to make a customer's vision come to life, here at Jessie & the Jabberwock we don't believe colour has a gender. Nor do dinos, diggers and fairies! My designs are for everyone!

So whether you're having a Frabjous wedding or a Calloh Callay par-tay, join us above the clouds and have a gimble at all my designs. If you can't find what you're looking for just pop me a message!

Lots of love & magic, 

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